Wednesday, September 16, 2015

My Phone Dead

I was sending a message to someone telling them about my idea to start blog focused on leading worship, and it got autocorrected to "My Phone Dead". I was gonna call it a happy accident and go with that name, but then realized it was stupid if I actually wanted people to find the blog. So, I decided to go with I Am Not a Worship Leader. Leading worship is something I do, not something I am. If it's something I am, then I wouldn't have existed most of the last year. Semantics? Maybe. But, I Am Not a Worship Leader is more memorable than My Phone Dead. Also, after researching a lot of worship leader blogs, I think my approach is going to be, um, atypical.

I didn't grow up in church. Instead, I grew up playing rock n roll. I played in bands from the mid 80's until a few years ago and I'll probably do it again. I started serving in church as a musician around 2006. My role began as a back line musician and slowly grew into being a band leader.  It was years before I understood what the phrase "leading worship" meant. In 2010 I was hired by my church in Wisconsin and served as a worship leader about 75% of the time. I left that role in 2014 to take a position as a project manager for another church in Phoenix where they have this thing called a "sun". It is a bright yellow circle that floats slowly across the sky bringing happiness every day. Wisconsin should look into getting one.

This blog is primarily a means for me to share my perspective on leading worship and my church experience. I thought it would be a cool outlet especially while I'm exploring options for a full time gig in the worship ministry again.  Some of this blog will bleed into ideas on live music, recording and church operations.

Some titles I'm working on:

- Guitar vs Keyboard - Which is Holier?
- Panic First, Ask Questions Later
- If We’re Doing This for An Audience of One, Why Are There 3000 Seats?
- My Monitors: Worst. Mix. Ever.
- Be Ringo Starr
- Bar Band Theory

This is going to be fun for me. I hope it is for you too and maybe starts a conversation that sparks some new ideas. Thanks for reading!

- Ron

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